We are Honeycomb

And we can’t wait to get to know you. 

We’re not just students. We are people with dreams. People with a drive, a desire to do the best, to be the best, and to help others along the way. We want to achieve. We want to create. And with the help of the staff, other students, and the community, we are doing just that. 

We’re working so hard on completing all the tasks we need to do to get this business running. We’re running like a beehive, helping each other with our projects. I’ve been making engraving samples to show people. 

Just look at how beautiful these coasters are! They’re made with a family crest on them. 

I love laser engraving things. It is so fun to make all the designs, then see them burn onto an object. However, getting all the settings right is definitely a big challenge. 

I’m so proud of all the work everyone has been doing for this company. Our screen printing room is almost completely organized. Students are learning how to work the machines by themselves, and producing amazing products with them. We’re all working so hard to get this business on its feet. 

It’s wonderful to see all the students coming together and dividing up jobs, and working with one another to get the work done. I’m so happy that we’re all able to do this together. 

Thanks for all your support too , and if you’re interested, fill out one of our contact forms! We’d love to hear from you. 

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