We Are Rockin and Rollin!

Along with just finishing our second order for ASPIRE, we also have a ton of prospective clients! We are all so excited and working hard to get all these orders complete. 

SADD Club wore their t-shirts to school today, and everyone I’ve talked to seems super duper impressed. It was fun making them, and we also learned a lot. We messed up 16% of the SADD shirts, which is a lot and not good cost wise. However, the ASPIRE order only had a 4% failure rate! We’re improving!

Our laser engraving supplies are supposed to be in soon too, and we already have some orders for those. I’ll definitely be ordering some for holiday gifts for friends and family. The laser engraver is truly spectacular in all that it can do and the beautiful work it creates. If you’re interested, check out the store on the website. 

It’s super fun to be part of a business so early in our careers, and I think we’re all very much enjoying learning all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. I couldn’t be happier with all the amazing work everyone is putting in. Its amazing what you can do as a team!

Ben and I have been working super hard on this website, and it’s very close to being done. I think it looks pretty good, but maybe my opinion is a little biased. 

As always, if you’re interested in our services, feel free to contact us! We’d be happy to give you some more information! 

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